Devising plans for engaging the New Freedom League


Headquartered out of the Claremont Academy in Bayview, Next-Gen is a team of super-powered high school students. It was organized by Headmaster Duncan Summers to help train the next generation of High School students, and help these young people learn to use their powers safely and responsibly.

The current class is aging and ready to graduate (and somewhat demoralized from the loss of so many teammates), so Summers is on the lookout for his next class

The current line-up

  • Megastar – Able to assume a large grey-skinned form, strong, tough and capable of firing off energy bolts.
  • Sonic – Projector of sonic power
  • Lupine – Youngest and newest member with a humanoid werewolf form.

Previous Members

  • Bowman – Expert archer, graduated and joined the Freedom League
  • Thunderbolt – Speedster son of Captain Thunder. Officially still on the team, but taking a leave from school to travel in space with his father and the Freedom League.
  • Seven – A young sorceress. Recently parted with the group to study and travel with a mystic martial artist known as Silence.
  • Nereid – Super strong and able to assume a water form, Nereid left the team to assume the throne of Atlantis
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