Devising plans for engaging the New Freedom League


Queen Thetis of Atlantis, Water-formed powerhouse formerly of the Next-Gen, Princess of Atlantis

Detailed in Freedom City version 2, pg 135

The daughter of the King of Atlantis (Theseus, aka Sea King), Thetis has been studying at Claremont Academy in order to give her insight into the surface world for when she assumes the throne. She quickly discovered and joined the Next-Gen team, taking the code-name Nereid.

After the disappearance of King Theseus, and the defeat of the imposter King Poseidon, Thetis returned to Atlantis to rule as Queen.

She is super strong and tough even by Atlantean standards and has the additional ability to change into the form of a water elemental, letting her flow through obstacles and become completely invisible underwater.

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