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Heroes' Knoll

Heroes’ Knoll is a memorial in Liberty Park, honoring Freedom City’s fallen heroes.

Most prominent is a large statue of The Centurion, who died at the climax of the Terminus invasion. A small monument also honors Andrea and Mentac Atom, who were lost in the Terminus attempting to close the portal and are believed dead, though Chase Atom, has said standing by the memorial, he sometimes feels a link to his father and believes he might still be trapped there.

Other Heroes with statues and memorial here include:

  • Sergeant Shrapnel, the Human Tank and Gunner (Members of the Allies of Freedom, a multinational team of heroes who fought for the Allies in World War II)
  • Brainstorm
  • Halogen
  • Tectonic
  • Captain Thunder

Queen Thetis of Atlantis has been in talks with Freedom City over whether her father, the Sea King, should be memorialized here. Some members of the Heroes’ Knoll Memorial Foundation think it should be reserved for heroes who died while serving as Freedom City’s protectors, and other point out that his death is not even confirmed.

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