Devising plans for engaging the New Freedom League

The Freedom League

The world’s premiere team of super heroes, the Freedom League has operated out of Freedom City for decades. They have two primary bases, Freedom Hall in Freedom City, and The Lighthouse an orbital space-station. They have a number of other resources, including two Pegasus Space Planes, a number of sky-bikes, and the Icarus (an interstellar cruiser), which is off-world with Daedalus. A second cruiser, Icarus 2 is under construction near the Lighthouse, but without Daedalus the team doesn’t have the resources to complete it.

Most of the League is currently offplanet dealing with increased Grue aggressions. They have appointed a group of new heroes to operate as the Freedom League on Earth while they’re gone.

  • An unnamed presence that is silently following the League around, making things around Deathstroke extremely cold. Speed Demon discovered that it is a man that is normally invisible.

One last member of the Freedom League remains on Earth, but has been inactive and unavailable as late, the mysterious spirit of the city known as Dr. Metropolis.

The offworld members of the league include

Also with the offworld league is Thunderbolt, Captain Thunder’s son, formerly of the Next-Gen

The Freedom League has a long history with many members coming and going over the years. Prominent former members include:

  • Centurion (Killed stopping the Terminus Invasion)
  • The Raven (the first incarnation)
  • Bowman (The second and the third)
  • Sea King (King Theseus of Atlantis. Retired to rule his kingdom, now presumed dead)
  • Grey-Matter (Killed by agents of SHADOW)
  • Vortex – Missing in Action. Presumed lost in another dimension
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