Devising plans for engaging the New Freedom League

Character List

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Major characters in my campaign



Gun and sword loving near-unkillable mercenary


Super strong and stealthy biologist

Speed Daemon

Speedster Extraordinaire


Master of portals. Teleports and opens portals to elemental planes to blast his enemies


Adrian Eldrich

Earth's Master Mage


The chief of Atlantis's Royal Guard. A skilled warrior with a magic sword

Amy Feng

Ace reporter for Channel 3 “Action News”

Antonio Cruz

CEO of the Rhodes Foundation

The Atom Family

Super-powered Adventurer Family

Barbara Kane

FCPD Commissioner

Captain Deimos

A commander of Atlantean invasion force. Armed with advanced technology


Earth's Greatest Hero


Plumber to the Freedom League

Cosmo the Moon Monkey

A monkey, from the moon. He's Blue


Freedom League's android receptionist


Genius inventor with an armored Suit

Doctor Atom

Grandfather of the Atom Family


Exiled Romanian Count, Vampire

Dread Ctulhu

The Old One, Lord of Madness

Duncan Summers

Headmaster of the Claremont Academy, Trainer of the Next Gen

Grey Matter

A psychic capable of hiding himself or his allies from conscious sight

Special Inspector Jane St. Claire

FCPD laison to the Freedom League

Johnny Oliverti

Legitimate Businessman

Lady Liberty

Embodiment of the Spirt of Liberty


Newest Member of the Next-Gen, capable of taking on a wolfen form


Sadistic Psychic

Natasha Gorokhov

Vampire Mafiya-lord


Queen Thetis of Atlantis, Water-formed powerhouse formerly of the Next-Gen, Princess of Atlantis


Crusader of the night, now suffering vampirism


World Destroyer from the Terminus between Dimensions

King Poseidon

Usurper King of Atlantis. Psychic Deep One


Young sorceress, trained as a member of Next-Gen.

The Contessa

SHADOW's Top Assassin

The Raven

Detective and Creature of the Night

The Scarab

A founding member of the original Freedom League, Scarab was a powerful telepath and telekinetic and a skilled diplomat, often encouraging ends to disputes among his teammates and solving League-level problems before they came down to fisticuffs.

Ultra Guard

The Ultra Guard are Atlantis’s official team of powered heroes and warriors.

Umbral Knight

Leader of a cell of SHADOW

"Veronica Lodge"

A contact only spoken to on the phone

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