Devising plans for engaging the New Freedom League

Adventure Sessions

1 June 2099
One Year Later

A year has passed since the Freedom League foiled the schemes of the SHADOW cell led by Umbral Knight/Friederich Jung to break open the secret sanctum of The Scarab. The Freedom League has continued to be the foremost defenders of Freedom City and the world.

SHADOW activity in the US has decreased considerably and there has been no sign of the sniper who had helped Jung. The ghost has revealed he remembers she was the one who originally killed him, and some researc…

28 JUN 2015
In The Shadow Of The Tree

Antonio Cruz remained in the clutches of SHADOW and the leader of the local cell, the Umbral Knight. The Freedom League had uncovered his plans to destroy a spell hiding the Scarab’s secret lair. Two focuses for the spell remained, a circle of hieroglyphs are a tree in a clearing, and a ring of stones underneath the bay.

12 Apr 2015
Shadow In The Dark

After SHADOW’s attack on the charity ball, the Freedom League followed a floating helmet to a deserted strip mall, where there appeared to be unexplained activity inside an old K-mart.

Behind the store, two trucks had pulled up to the loading docks and workers in simple brown jumpsuits were loading crates in to the trucks, while guards in SHADOW uniforms watched over them.

7 Mar 2015
The Annual Rhodes Charity Ball

It was a star-studded Friday Night on the 90th Floor of Pyramid Plaza 1. Antonio Cruz and the Rhodes Foundation threw their annual Rhodes Charity Ball, with their special guests Deathstroke and Speed Demon of the Freedom League. Also in attendance were all the wealthiest Freedom City had to offer, Fletcher Beaumont II,

26 OCT 2014
Assault On Vladimirescu Manor

The Freedom League followed a copy of the book, Dracula, to a somewhat rundown mansion in North Bay. A sign beside the gate read “Vladimirescu”, which Speed Demon correctly identified as a Romanian surname meaning “Son of Vladimir”

7 Sep 2014
Rushin' Vampires

Speed Demon is busy. He spends a whole 4 minutes in the lab whipping put a high-tech set of goggles. Then he speculates on how to provide the world with free electricity using his super-speed powers, and talks to Antonio Cruz about his company,

15 JUN 2014
Atlantis On My Mind

Retaking Atlantis

After the Freedom League stepped through the portal down from The Lighthouse, they were shocked to notice that Vortex had not come through with him. They made attempts to contact him, but did not have long to dwell as they were contacted by

10 Nov 2012
The Two Lighthouses

Atlantis on my Mind - Part 2

Played via

The Freedom League followed a GPS device taken off an Atlantean soldier down the coast to a lighthouse. The lighthouse was surrounded by a forcefield but Vortex easily teleported the heroes through. When the inhabitants were alerted they came out to fight the Freedom League.

9 JUN 2012
Aquarium Assault

Atlantis on my Mind - Part 1

The new Freedom League members are settling in at Freedom Hall, when they are visited by Special Inspector Jane St. Claire, the Freedom League’s liaison with the Freedom City Police Department. She is upset that they have not yet contacted her or given the rundown on what happened to the rest of the League and how they gained membership.

6 Aug 2011
Freedom League Rescue

Second session was March 31,2012

With the help of Adrian Eldrich, the heroes are of on an interstellar trip to track down the missing Freedom League, meeting The Star Knights and tracking the League to a small planet where they were helping defend a planet from invasion of The Grue Unity. The shapeshifting aliens had temporarily stripped the league of their powers and only with the help of our heroes could the League succeed at defeating them and their Koor…

9 JUL 2011
Still Storming Freedomhall

Freedom League Attacks Part 3

The heroes defeat Johnny Rocket, Captain Thunder, Grey Matter (isn’t he already dead?), Ninjette, Raven and Daedalus.

They also confronted the alien leader who has made bio-robots of all the freedom league members he had encountered. The alien was shot by Deathstroke while trying to escape.

25 JUN 2011
Storming Freedom Hall

Freedom League Attacks Part 2

We need to get in to Freedom Hall? Let’s just bust in the front door.

Is that all I wrote about this?

As well as fighting the Bio-robotic Freedom League, the heroes defeated the

7 May 2011
The Freedom League Attacks

The Freedom League has been missing from Earth for months now. This is not totally unprecedented, the Freedom League has had extended extraplanatory or extraplanar adventures before, but this has been longer than normal.

Freedom City is thus surprised when the League reappears in the city, apparently breaking in to a research facility of

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