Devising plans for engaging the New Freedom League

7 May 2011

The Freedom League Attacks

The Freedom League has been missing from Earth for months now. This is not totally unprecedented, the Freedom League has had extended extraplanatory or extraplanar adventures before, but this has been longer than normal.

Freedom City is thus surprised when the League reappears in the city, apparently breaking in to a research facility of Wendell And Shields. Captain Thunder, Lady Liberty and Johnny Rocket have taken hostages, wounded security guards and are furiously searching the building.

While the police keep people away and wait for heavy firepower support, four new heroes appear on the scene. Deathstroke and Vortex take shots at Captain Thunder who sees uncharacteristically unconcerned about collateral damage and injuring innocent citizens. Raptor sneaks in to the building and confronts Lady Liberty who was watching the hostages. And Speed Demon faces off against rival speedster Johnny Rocket.

Raptor’s hidden strikes quickly take down Lady Liberty, despite an attempt to help by Lady Liberty. But the Freedom League sees where the battle is turning and decide to retreat. Captain Thunder flies off, and Vortex is unable to catch up to him, while Johnny Rocket runs directly back to Freedom Hall. Speed Demon is just as fast as Johnny, but does not react in time to reach the Hall before the doors close and lock.

What has happened to the Freedom League? Why are they acting so strange. What will these new heroes find inside Freedom Hall? Tune in next week!

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