Devising plans for engaging the New Freedom League

9 JUN 2012

Aquarium Assault

Atlantis on my Mind - Part 1

The new Freedom League members are settling in at Freedom Hall, when they are visited by Special Inspector Jane St. Claire, the Freedom League’s liaison with the Freedom City Police Department. She is upset that they have not yet contacted her or given the rundown on what happened to the rest of the League and how they gained membership.

But before she can chew the heroes out too much, news arrives that there’s been an attack on the Freedom City Aquarium by strange soldiers in greek styled armor and some sort of amphibious tank. The Freedom League defeats these attackers, but not before they release a giant octopus and a whale from the aquarium. The attackers loudly proclaim that they were sent to try to reclaim the Kingdom of Freedom back for its rightful ruler, King Poseidon of Atlantis. They claim Atlantis’s previous king Theseus once ruled here until he lost his throne. Deathstroke sent one of the soldiers back with a threatening message that the Freedom League would not stand for any more attacks by Atlantis.

Puzzled by this attack, the heroes decided to talk to their friend Doctor Atom about Atlantis. This lead to the realization that there was an Atlantean student at the Claremont Academy, a private school in the Bayview neighborhood. Predictably, the heroes soon learned that there was another attack by the Atlanteans, this time at Claremont Academy.

Rushing to Claremont, the heroes met Headmaster Summers and some of his students, a group of super-powered teens known as the Next-Gen. Mr. Summers was trying to convince one student, Princess Thetis of Atlantis, to let them evacuate her to safety, but she was stubbornly insisting on staying with her team. Before anything more could be done, the Atlantean attacks burst into the office. A clever attempt by Vortex to teleport Thetis to Eldrich’s house failed when an attacker followed her, and she stubborn burst back through the portal again.

But soon all the attackers had been defeated. They further clarified their plans to kidnap Thetis who they believed to be an imposter pretended to the throne, and recover the Crown of Triton, an Atlantean artifact King Theseus (aka Sea King) left in the Freedom League’s care. They also insisted Theseus was dead, which further angered Thetis.

The Freedom League decided to leave Thetis and the rest of the Next-Gen (most of who were injured or inexperienced) with Doctor Atom and Eldrich while they followed a GPS signal to the source of the attack.

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