Devising plans for engaging the New Freedom League

Where Are They Now

Many prominent Freedom City characters have faded from view to give the PCs the chance to take the spotlight, but where they they gone?

The Freedom League

The Freedom League members have returned from their fight against the Gru Unity. Victorious, having halted the Gru advances, but battered and demoralized. They are content to leave the Freedom League to the PCs to manage.

Captain Thunder

Captain Thunder was killed in a final standoff with the Grue armies. His sacrifice bought the rest of the league enough time to destroy a major node of the Grue Metamind and capture the leader of the Grue’s Koorn allies. His body was returned and buried at Heroes' Knoll in a grim ceremony. Captain Thunder’s son, Thunderbolt was also injured in the battle. Between his injuries and his father’s death he is questioning his place in the world of supers, taking a break and contemplating retiring for good.

Lady Liberty

Lady Liberty has been strangely quiet since the League’s return. Usually one of the most public voices of the League, she has retreated from the spotlight, appearing in public only a handful of times. Rumor has it that the Spirit of Liberty in her is fading, perhaps in the search of a new vessel.


After returning the Freedom League to Earth, Daedalus felt the wanderlust overcome him again, made a few personal arrangements and departed again on the Icaraus, promising to return and check in again. Someday.


Years of operating as a non-powered hero working besides virtual gods has taken its toll on Raven. She reportedly told Lady Liberty “I’m getting too old for this”, and set aside her costume. She has publicly endorsed a young man active as a new Raven in New York City, saying she’s proud to have the name she inherited from her predecessor carried on by such a worthy hero. Word is that Raven intends to pursue a political career in her civilian identity.

Psuedo and Star Knight

Psuedo and Star Knight argued against the Freedom League’s return to Earth, saying that the galaxy still needed Earth’s Defenders active in space. They chose to remain fighting pockets of Grue aggression, while the other’s went home

Johnny Rocket

Johnny and his husband are happy to be back on Earth, and Johnny has no plans to give up his heroic lifestyle, but felt that Speed Demon had earned his place as the Freedom League’s resident speedster and didn’t want to compete with him. Johnny has moved out to Los Angeles where he plans to organize his own team of heroes.


Bowman can’t hide his disgust at Deathstroke holding a spot on the Freedom League and immediately quit rather than share a team with him. He has moved to New York for now, pairing on occasion with the new Raven, but keeping closely in touch with his former Next-Gen teammates.

Doctor Metropolis

Always an enigmatic figure, when the rest of the League disappeared to fight the Grue, Metropolis stayed behind, but became less and less visible. In one of his few recent appearances, he said that rapid expansion of the city has left him feeling bewildered. He also speaks of feeling the faint touches of other cities in the distances, just beyond his reach.

The Next-Gen

The original class of Next-Gen has grown up and graduated, leaving a hole at Claremont Academy that is being filled by a new roster of young supers. The old members of the team have moved on to their own pursuits.


When the King of Atlantis went missing and a strange usurper took his throne, Nereid enlisted the help of the Freedom League to reclaim the throne that was rightfully hers. Since then, she has ruled as Queen Thetis, hoping that her father might some day return but resigned that he is probably truly dead. As a new Queen she has had no time for super-heroic adventures, though she tries to keep in touch with her former teammates.


Seven left the team after their last mission. She chose to remain in China with a new mentor, Silence, who promised to teach her new schools of magic. She has made occasional contact with the rest of the team, but is secretive about her new activities and tension and resentment remains high.

Mega-Star and Sonic

Mega-Star and Sonic have remained in Freedom City, forming a close partnership and helping out anyone who needs super-human assistance. They often hang around Sonic’s old haunts in Lincoln and work with Sonic’s old mentor, the Black Avenger. Mega-Star often dreams of getting the team back together, sending excited messages to Bowman and Thunderbolt encouraging them to join him and Sonic, but his advances have mostly been turned down.

Other Heroes


Long retired from superheroic work, King Theseus disappeared entirely due to the machinations of Poseidon, a mentalist Deep One who usurped his throne. In a battle with Nereid and the Freedom League, Poseidon said that he had sent Sea-King in to a fatal trap placed by Devil Ray, the Sea-King’s long time foe. While Thetis has sent search parties to find some sign of her father’s ultimate fate, he is presumed dead.


Vortex has a stalwart member of the new Freedom League team, until while teleporting the team back from the Lighthouse space station, he inadvertently became lost in his own dimensional vortex. There was hope he would find his own way back, but has not managed to do so yet, and no means of scanning the multiverse for him has proven fruitful.

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