Devising plans for engaging the New Freedom League

Umbral Knight

Leader of a cell of SHADOW

A cell of SHADOW, a international terrorist organization, operating in Freedom City attacked The Annual Rhodes Charity Ball and kidnapped Antonio Cruz.

This cell was lead by a mysterious leader, the Umbral Knight. He always appeared wearing a mask and spoke with a thick German accent. While an expert martial artist (he knocked out Speed Demon with a single punch), his plans to ritually murder Cruz was put to an end by Raptor.

Secretly, Umbral Knight is Friederich Jung. an officer in the Rhodes Foundation who convinced the board to appoint him to replace Cruz when he went missing. Jung suspected Cruz was a descendant of the Scarab, and wanted access to his personal records and office to learn more of the secrets in how to unlock the Scarab’s lair.

His cell has been destroyed and he now is serving a sentence in Blackstone Federal Penitentiary

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