Devising plans for engaging the New Freedom League

Ultra Guard

The Ultra Guard are Atlantis’s official team of powered heroes and warriors.

The current team have been together for years, originally assembled by King Theseus. They are often joined by the King’s (or Queen's) protector Agenor.

There are currently three members.

  • Leviathan, Captain of the Ultraguard, is a physical powerhouse of massive proportions.
  • Galtheon is an elite wizard, a versatile fighter, maintaining a range of magical defenses while choosing from a selection of magical attacks to best defeat his enemies.
  • Myst is Mistress of the Mists and controls fog and water vapor. She can assume a gaseous form to protect herself as she plays a supporting role on the Ultraguard.

Till recently, there was a fourth member, Pacifeon, a Sea Mover with the hereditary ability to control the water and the waves. But it was found that while the rest of the team fell under Poseidon’s spell, Pacifeon was ready to sell out his king for mere money. Queen Thetis has left Pacifeon in the hands of the FCPD for trial.

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