Devising plans for engaging the New Freedom League

The Scarab

A founding member of the original Freedom League, Scarab was a powerful telepath and telekinetic and a skilled diplomat, often encouraging ends to disputes among his teammates and solving League-level problems before they came down to fisticuffs.

The Scarab often spoke of the ancient Egyptian Gods as a source of his power and hinted at knowledge from past lives. Likewise he spoke of Wilhem Kantor, the Overshadow, as his most ancient of enemies, and he spent much of his life fighting against the evil plans of the SHADOW organization.

In 1979, the Freedom League was attacked and possessed by the Scions of Sobek, a cult of sorcerer-priests of Set awakened by SHADOW. Only Scarab and a rookie member, Brainstorm, resisted the Scions’ control and fought to free their teammates. They succeeded, but both died in the process. Johnny Rocket once grimly noted (after the death of Grey Matter) that every Mentalist to serve as a member of the Freedom League died in the field. Statues of the two honor their sacrifice on Heroes’ Knoll

It was common knowledge in Freedom City that the Scarab had a secret lair from which he pursued his tireless crusade against evil, few knew exactly where it was. Castle Comics popularized it as “The Scarab’s Tomb” in their comic series Tomb of the Scarab, but even then the lair was only described as “underground” or “deep beneath the earth” and its exact location was left vague.

In reality the Scarab does have a secret lair hidden underneath Pyramid Plaza. SHADOW attempted to discover its location by breaking a spell hiding it. but they were defeated before the could enter, or even acquire the Blood of the Scarab necessary to open the door. Eldrich has restored a spell to hide it again from magical scrying and prevent entrance.

Along with untold magical artifacts, the Scarab’s Lair warns that inside is imprisoned the Avatar of Set. The Freedom League thought it was safest to seal the lair up again without exploring it.

Alexander Rhodes had no children, but it is believed that his brother, David Rhodes had an illegitimate daughter, who married circus acrobat John Grayson. Their son, Dick Grayson would go on to partner with The Raven after their murders and later become Nighwing.

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