Devising plans for engaging the New Freedom League

The Raven Legacy

1960-1972. 1985-88 The original Raven started fighting small-time crime solo until the Greek God Hades invaded Freedom City with an army of the dead. He teamed up with Centurion, Lady Liberty and Daedalus to drive Hades out of Freedom out back to Tartarus. He remained working with these heroes as a founding member of the Freedom League. He worked with the team on and off until the early 70’s when he retired after sustaining heavy injuries. In the mid 80’s, he attempted to return to heroic life, having recovered somewhat from his injuries and took on a sidekick, Talon, to help him with his work. He was somewhat successful, but after a few years realized he couldn’t keep up any more. He retired again and Talon moved on to become the hero Nightwing, currently working of out of New York.

1990- In the 90s, a young woman took up the mantle of the Raven, and soon won herself a position in the Freedom League, where she distinguished herself as an expert tactician and investigator. When Captain Thunder took the league in to space to combat the expanding Grue menace, she went with them.

2014- With the previous Raven missing for over a year, a young man in New York City decided to start fighting crime with the name and costume. It is not widely known, but this Raven was raised as an assassin before he escaped to the tutelage of Duncan Summers at Claremont Academy (though he never felt comfortable enough working with others to join the Next-Gen).

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