Devising plans for engaging the New Freedom League

The Raven

Detective and Creature of the Night

The Raven (the second to bear the title) is like her predecessor a brilliant detective and a master at hand-to-hand fighting, using cover of nighttime to strike fear in the hearts of criminals and bring them to justice.

As part of the Freedom League, she is one of its smartest, most level-headed members. While she doesn’t have the pure technical genius of Daedalus she uses a variety of home-built gadgets to aid her and has a more grounded and practical outlook to life.

Our heroes first met a robotic duplicate under the control of an an alien invader, but later met the real Raven and the rest of her teammates as they fought an alien menace on a far off world.. She remains off world with Daedalus and Captain Thunder for now, leaving our heroes to serve as The Freedom League on Earth.

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