Devising plans for engaging the New Freedom League

The Story So Far

The Freedom League, America's premiere Super-Hero team have gone offworld to fight the Grue leaving behind our heroes to serve as Earth's Freedom League in their stead.

As they are first settling into Freedom Hall, they are alerted to the Freedom City Aquarium coming under attack by invaders from the sea. After releasing waves of mutated giant sea-life, the invaders are defeated and reveal themselves to be soldiers from Atlantis, from where King Poseidon has sent them reconquer the Kingdom of Freedom.

Shortly after, another attack occurred at a private boarding school, the Claremont Academy. The Freedom League learned Claremont was the home of The Next-Gen a team of young Heroes in training. The attack was focused on the capture of one of Next-Gen's members, Nereid, also known as Princess Thetis of Atlantis.

Some of the attackers left behind a GPS device, that was used to track the assault back to an old Lighthouse on the coast, where the Freedom League fought a group of elite Atlantean forces. When the leader fell, his appearance shifted to that of a strange scaly fish-person. Another of the Atlantean forces shook himself loose from his brainwashing when he saw the creature, realizing he had been duped by The Deep Ones, ancient enemies of Atlantis.

The League discovered the true goal of the attacks on Freedom City, King Poseidon wanted The Crown Of Triton an ancient artifact that can enhance mental powers that King Theseus had given to the League for safekeeping.

A quick trip to the The Lighthouse in orbit recovered the Crown, and the Freedom League teleported back to Earth. But they arrived to find one of their number, Vortex, missing.

The Freedom League agreed to take Nereid to Atlanta to depose the usurper, where they fought the mentalist Deep One, Poseidon who was posing as King Theseus's brother and suppressing Atlantis's memory of his daughter.

After that?




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