Devising plans for engaging the New Freedom League

King Poseidon

Usurper King of Atlantis. Psychic Deep One

Poseidon was a Deep One (One of the ancient enemies of Atlantis) who, posing as King Theseus’s long lost brother, arrived in Atlantis, announced that Theseus was dead and declared himself the new King. With the use of his psionic powers, he convinced everyone of the truth of his statements and made them forget about Princess Thetis who was the rightful heir.

When his control over the Atlanteans was secure, he sent an army to Freedom City to capture the princess and recover the Crown Of Triton, which would have greatly increased his powers and allowed him to extend his rule even further.

The Freedom League foiled his plot, defeating him and his guards in his thrown room. Deathstroke executed Poseidon, making way for Thetis to claim her throne.

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