Devising plans for engaging the New Freedom League


World Destroyer from the Terminus between Dimensions

There are an infinite number of alternate dimensions. Alternate Earths, alternate worlds. Between the dimensions is the Terminus, a place of chaos and entropy where reality breaks down. Within the Terminus are bits and remains of destroyed worlds and realities.

From the Terminus came the being known as Omega, a being, once mortal, who it is said went mad and destroyed his whole universe. Propelled into the Terminus, Omega ruled the shattered dimension between dimensions seeking passage into other dimensions, to conquer, rule and destroy.

Omega is an incredibly powerful being, wielding blasts of cosmic power and inhuman strength,

Omega’s last invasion into our world was barely beaten off. Centurion died holding off Omega while Andrea and Mentac Atom were lost in the Terminus closing the portal in to our dimension.

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