Devising plans for engaging the New Freedom League

Lady Liberty Legacy

 Lady Liberty : Elizabeth Forester Elizabeth Forester first disguised herself as “Lady Liberty” to be a rallying symbol for the American people during the revolutionary war. Unfortunately, she was mortally wounded before the war was over. As she laid dying alone in the wilderness, she was carried off by the Spirit of Liberty

 Lady Liberty : Donna Mason This same Spirit of Liberty has since embraced a series of young women over the years, wherever and whenever liberty was threatened. One being the inspiration for the Statue of Liberty. But the next woman to prominently bear the name Lady Liberty appeared during World War II, when Donna Mason used her super strength and flight to fight the axis powers. She was a founding member of the Liberty League and remained active through the 70s when she retired and disappeared from public view.

The latest Lady Liberty is a senior member of the Freedom League and is off planet with Captain Thunder and Daedalus fighting the Grue. The spirit of Liberty has added the healing power of Liberty’s Light to its repertoire.

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