Devising plans for engaging the New Freedom League

Labrys Industries

Labrys Industries, Incorporated is a tech firm involved in cryptology, computer coding, and various other concerns surrounding computers and code breaking based out of Switzerland with offices in Tokyo, London and Richmond, Virginia.

The CEO and founder is a reclusive germaphobe named Bruce Carter.

Along with its core tech industries, Labrys owns a number of smaller companies, such as Charon Industries (conglomerate of mortuary services), Cross, Rose, & Temple (a European law firm), Hellas & Hellas (a Greek food importer), the Proteus Cartel (submarine facilities and technologies), Martuk Shipping (a Turkish travel and shipping cartel), LSAS, Inc. (generic corporate holding company/money laundering), Olympian Studios (American media company and owner of Olympic Broadcast Network), and Asclepian Associates (a conglomerate of HMOs, nursing homes, and drug companies).

Labrys’s upper management has access to a high-tech submarine manufactured by Proteus at their disposal. Carter lent this submarine to the Freedom League in exchange for a secret arrangement with the Queen of Atlantis.

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