Devising plans for engaging the New Freedom League

Duncan Summers

Headmaster of the Claremont Academy, Trainer of the Next Gen

Detailed in Freedom City version 2, pg 132

A man in his early 60s, with graying black hair, gray eyes and a clean-shaven face. Duncan Summers is the Headmaster at prestigious Claremont Academy in Bayview. He tries to maintain a good relationship with his students, and dislikes having to mete out discipline, much happier when we can serve as a substitute teacher.

The Summers family is wealthy and Mr Summers often jokes about not having to work a day in his life, but he describes a pronounced limp as a result of a “work injury” and walks with a cane most of the time.

A select group of his students and alumni know that he trains a team of superhuman students in an underground base at the school, The Next-Gen.

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