Devising plans for engaging the New Freedom League

Doctor Atom

Grandfather of the Atom Family

Detailed in Freedom City version 2, pg 125

Dr. Alexander Atom was a brilliant scientist and an avid adventurer who was world renowned for his work and travels with his daughter Andrea, his foster son Jack Wolf, and Mentac a psychic from Farside City on the Moon.

But after Andrea and Mentac were lost to the Terminus, Dr. Atom’s health deteriorated and he died, but not before implanting his consciousness into a complex computer system. He is thus able to continue watching over his grandchildren, the Super-powered Atom Family, with the help of Jack Wolf and ALEX (Artificial Life Form Experiment) an android he constructed to help raise the children.

His holographic form is confined to The Nucleus, Atom’s residence and lab at the top of the Goodman Building in Freedom City. But he can temporarily inhabit the body of the ALEX android when necessary.

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