Devising plans for engaging the New Freedom League


Earth's Greatest Hero

Sent from Terra-Roma (an alternate dimension where the Roman Empire never fell) as an infant to save him from an invasion of Omega’s forces, Mark Leeds was raised by his adopted-Earth parents until adulthood when he learned of his true origins.

He took up the name of Centurion and set out to fight crime and injustice, with his super-strength invulnerability and flight. Centurion was a founding member of the Freedom League, a group of heroes banding together to fight the biggest threats.

Unfortunately, Omega and his forces finally found our Earth, And Centurion was at the heart of the fight to defend his adopted home. Omega was defeated, but not without loss, as Centurion was killed and Andrea and Mentac Atom were lost to the Terminus between dimensions.

Centurion remains the greatest role-model among aspiring heroes, and a symbol of the spirit of Freedom City. His statue occupies a place of honor on on Heroes’ Knoll in Liberty Park

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