Devising plans for engaging the New Freedom League

Captain Deimos

A commander of Atlantean invasion force. Armed with advanced technology

Deimos is actually a Deep One named Sylanith, one of Poseidon’s closest followers. He is equipped with a force field generator, a Gauss weapon and other technology purchased from the Labyrinth. He is coordinating Poseidon’s forces near Freedom and guarding the Lighthouse where they have positioned a teleport booth stolen from a Freedom League facility and the dimensional cell for important prisoners.

Deimos has no concern for surface dwellers and will hold nothing back when fighting them off. He has little respect for his Atlantean allies, either, willing to sacrifice them for Poseidon’s goals.

Deimos was killed in the Freedom League’s assault on their lighthouse base and his transformation to his natural form shocked Agenor enough to break his brainwashing.

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