Devising plans for engaging the New Freedom League

Blackstone Federal Penitentiary

Carved into a black granite island off the tip of “Lonely Point” in Freedom City, Blackstone Federal Penitentiary is a high security prison facility designed to hold super-powered criminals and keep their allies from breaking said criminals out.

Prisoners are kept in cells with a variety of power-nullification devices, Impervium walls and airtight seals depending on need. Common areas and exercise yards are heavily guarded and monitored.

Warden Joshua Drummer is a highly competent no nonsense type of guy, directing his people to work with a minimum of words.

Dr. Abigail Wallace is Blackstone’s chief of security, an accomplished technological genius who has concentrated her skill toward designing restraints and controls (often personalized) for the prison’s occupants. While containment of the prisoners is the top priority, she also has placed high importance on humane treatment of prisoners.

New Residents, thanks to the Freedom League

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