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The Atom Family

Super-powered Adventurer Family

The Atom Family have been adventurers for generations. Starting with Doctor Alexander Atom and his wife Anne, then his daughter Andrea and her friends Jack Wolf and Mentac. Currently, the family consists of Andrea and Mentac’s four children Maximus, Tesla, Victoria and Chase, along with “Uncle” Jack Wolf and the digitized personality of Doctor Atom and the ALEX android. Their headquarters is the Nucleus on the top floors of The Goodman Building

All four children (now in their 20s) developed super powers, perhaps because of their father Mentac’s lunar ancestry or due to influence of the terminus invasion.

  • Maximus “Max” Atom is a size-changer able to increase to up to 60 feet tall or reduce himself to an inch tall or smaller.
  • Tesla “Tess” Atom has control over nucleonic energy fields, can surround herself in a protective force field, fly and project energy blasts at ne’er-do-wells.
  • Victoria “Vicky” Atom has great control over her body and can stretch up to half a mile, flow like a liquid or morph her body to any shape.
  • Chase Atom is a skilled mentalist, able to keep in constant mental contact with his siblings, probe into the minds of others or even strike at his enemies’ minds directly.

Chase also has a pet named Cosmo, a blue monkey from the moon with the ability to teleport.

See Threat Report #51: The Atom Family

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