Devising plans for engaging the New Freedom League


The chief of Atlantis's Royal Guard. A skilled warrior with a magic sword

Agenor is the chief of King Theseus’s royal guard and takes the direct physical protection of the King as his personal task. Therefore he is usually seen right by the King’s side. He is a prime physical specimen of the Atlantean race and wields a magical Orichalcum sword, which saps the speed of those it cuts.

Normally, Agenor is a devoted and loyal follower of King Theseus and his family. He speaks formally and respectfully, but is quick to aggressively address any threat to his King, and Theseus often needs to keep a leash on him.

He fell under the mental control of the usurper King Poseidon, only regaining his sense when he discovered his commander, Captain Deimos, was a Deep One, one of the ancient enemies of Atlantis. He immediately surrendered to the Freedom League and was placed in containment until it can be determined if he is trustworthy.

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