Devising plans for engaging the New Freedom League

10 Nov 2012

The Two Lighthouses

Atlantis on my Mind - Part 2

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The Freedom League followed a GPS device taken off an Atlantean soldier down the coast to a lighthouse. The lighthouse was surrounded by a forcefield but Vortex easily teleported the heroes through. When the inhabitants were alerted they came out to fight the Freedom League. Agenor, an Atlantean swordsman, Deimos a warrior using an antigrav belt and a gauss rifle, Polymdus, a sonic controller, twin martial artists Cassepia & Valeria and a small horde of snake-like robots. It was only when Deimos was killed and reverted to his Deep One form that Agenor, regained his senses, breaking free of his mind control. He surrendered immediately and volunteered all the information he could.

A man named Poseidon had come to Atlantis while King Theseus was away. Poseidon declared that Theseus had been killed and he was the rightful heir. Strangely nearly everyone accepted the validity of this claim, even Agenor, the captain of the King’s Royal Guard.

Poseidon has sent forces to Freedom primarily to recover the Crown Of Triton, hidden somewhere with the Freedom League.

Hidden within the lighthouse was a prisoner, Doctor Roger Pierce, America’s premier authority on Atlantis and a professor at Freedom City University. He explains that Deimos had been interrogating him, trying to determine where the Freedom League would have hidden the crown. Dr. Pierce explains that he did not tell Deimos, but he has always believed the most likely place for the crown to be hidden was on The Lighthouse, the Freedom League’s orbital base.

Determined to recover the Crown for themselves, the Freedom League used one of the Pegasus Space Planes to the Lighthouse. The Lighthouse recognized them as Freedom League members, but warned them they did not have access rights to leave the public areas. Some arguing with the computers overrided this and the heroes found where the Crown was hidden, linked directly into the Lighthouse’s defensive systems.

In order to remove the crown, the defensive systems would need to be disabled and would not be able to be reactivated for 30 minutes.

Of course, while the defensive systems were down, launches were detected in the Atlantic, headed for the Lighthouse. The Freedom League decide to send the Pegasus off on auto-pilot as a distraction and use Vortex to teleport to the surface with the crown. Once they were gone, the Lighthouse deactivated life support systems to help fight the attackers.

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