Venturing out for adventure from Ekkert's Gorge

Dane Hilgo-Ekkertson

Head of the wealthy Hilgo family

The Hilgo family owns the largest trading company working out of Ekkert’s Gorge, and are a branch of a large family of traders in Tirone City. Roger Hilgo (Dane’s father) married into the Ekkertson family and gave Dane the combined Hilgo-Ekkertson name to take advantage of the prestige of the founder’s family. Dane is a slick, well-dressed, well-spoken young man. He is used to the comforts his money buys and expects the respect his name commands. He is tall and thin, with dark brown hair. He is a little self-conscious of the large nose his Ekkertson heritage gave him, but all the girls in town agree he is a quite handsome man.

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