Venturing out for adventure from Ekkert's Gorge

Aven Ro

Necromancer, Possessor of a shard of the Necromancer King's soul

He was a young student of magic when realized he has been possessed by a piece of the soul of the Necromancer King. At first he attempted to purge himself of this evil soul with the help of a Priest of Zakath in Tirone and a brief encounter with a priestess of Loretta (Goddess of Undeath). But ultimately he decided to embrace his new identity, took the name Aven Ro and began his search for other shards of the Necromancer. He created his Orb of Souls to seek out these souls and it lead him to Ekkert’s Gorge. He inhabited this abandoned fortress while he refines his search and sends out his minions to build up his army.

See Exploding Sheep

When the PCs invaded his fortress, he attempted to flee through a tunnel in the bottom of the dungeon, but was struck down in the bottom of Ekkert’s Gorge

See Tunnels and Bugs

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