Venturing out for adventure from Ekkert's Gorge


alocious.jpg Mysterious man on a quest

A man in a dark cloak with hood pulled low over his eyes. His hands and face have a dark greyish coloration and whisps of silver hair escape from underneath his hood and a thin silver beard covers his chin. Alocious is a Genasi, he is a native of the mortal plain, but far in his ancestry a Djinn had married a human woman. That elemental ancestry has popped up at various times over the generations.

Alocious has been sent by his mistress, Dimah, to seek out magic that is too powerful to be used responsibly. He has come to Ekkert’s Gorge because of the necromancer, Aven Ro, and has taken interest in Aven’s Orb of Souls. He suggested he could take it to a particular place where he could perform a ritual to safely disperse the magic. His affinity to the elemental plane is key to the ritual, so only he can perform it.

He has agreed to take the party to meet with Dimah first, before they perform the ritual to destroy the orb.

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