Venturing out for adventure from Ekkert's Gorge

16 May 2014

Stranger On The Winds

After taking care of business in town, the party went to sleep, only to be interrupted by the windows breaking in their room at the Inn. Three vulture-shaped creature that seemed to be made of clouds and smoke swooped in to the room and started rooting through the party’s gear. Enraged that someone was messing with their stuff, the party beat down the misty creatures, which dispersed in to nothing.

In the morning, Oken Sunn sought out someone who might tell him about these strange creatures. The most information he could glean was from “Old Man” Higgins, who gave a rambling description of the planes of existence before declaring them to be birds made from elemental air.

That night, the party was approached by a mysterious man who identified himself as Alocious. He explained that he believed the freak weather and the air element creatures were the result of something ominous seeking the power of the dead Necromancer King. He wants to take the orb and destroy it in a special ritual for his mistress, Dimah (which, as Ted points out, is Ted pointed out, “Amid” spelled backwards. As she is Amid two worlds). Dimah is an influential woman among her people, and as Ted determined, she is not unattractive.

For some reason, no one seemed to trust Alocious, and decided to continue to wait for the ranger to ask about the white deerskin. Alocious warned that the elementals would continue to attempt to get the orb and they should hurry, but the party did not heed his warning.

The night passed uneventfully and the next day the ranger, Ledrina returned and explained that among her people, white deer are seen as signs of luck. They often use the white deer’s hide to craft good luck charms. Perhaps the deer hide’s luck protected Jib when his whole house was destroyed leaving him unharmed.

Further, she explained that she had later seen a whole herd of white deer. An unheard of event. She wanted to discuss this happening with her friend, Dardill the druid. The party invited themselves along.

On the way, they encountered a group of brigands standing over an armored man. Oken valiantly ran to the man’s aid, and healed him first despite the arrows the brigands stuck him with. When the tides turned against them, one of the bandits attempted to flee. A quick march in pursuit and through the early night brought the party to the sleeping Sven, who Ted quickly dubbed Jerry and took prisoner as his new long lost friend.

Finally the next day, they reached the grove of the druid and his pet “Terror Lizard” Fang. Dardil speculated that the herd of white deer was nature trying to protect itself from something ominous. The planes are shifting and bringing dangerous beings to this world.

Back at Ekkert’s Gorge, Casius and Oken attempted to turn Jerry in to the the sheriff for his bandit ways, while Ted insisted Jerry was misundertsood and it was an accident. Things deteriorated from there until Ted cast a spell and ran with Jerry, who was shot in the back and dragged off to jail. Sergeant Barley insisted if he saw Ted again, he’d have to put him in jail too.

Experience Reward 700 experience each

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