Venturing out for adventure from Ekkert's Gorge


The domain of the ancient hero Richtus Tirone, Tirone is an open and lightly forested duchy spotted by only a few cities.

The King of Belfiad has long had an adversarial relationships with his Dukes. Duke Rufus Arman has been worse than most, feeling great jealousy of the wealthy Free City of Tirone and resenting the Order of the Imperial Falcon who he feels are the King encroaching on his rightful lands.

Besides the free city, the major cities of Tirone are Armanton, the Duke's seat, and Sonnenled. East Reaches is a rapidly growing community trading with more stable groups of goblins to the east. Ekkert's Gorge is just a small village, but also gets considerable trade and communication with both the goblins and the elves to the South.

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