Venturing out for adventure from Ekkert's Gorge

Gods And Religion

The humans of Belfiad worship a wide variety of deities The most important to the common people are

Quolen Goddess of Life, The Mother Bordel God of Agriculture, The Father Zakath God of Death and Judgement, The Arbitrator

In special circumstances they also find these important

Gerrain God of War, Maker of Kings Menaia Goddess of Magic, Love and Fertility, The Red Lady

While humans have traditionally looked to Gerrain and Rambin for support in time of war, there is a growing group of followers of the god Hextor, whose followers preach structures and law to keep the people in line and the world safe. The Fists Of Hextor are on the move to bring Hextor's worship to more prominence.

The elves worship their own Gods, chiefly Lorelon, God of Nature, and Putalra, who died in combat with Gerrain hundreds of year ago, while Dwarves traditionally follow the Crafstman, Kurek.

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