Venturing out for adventure from Ekkert's Gorge

Character List

Major characters in my campaign



Warrior woman wielding psychic powers and a big axe

Casius Kilren

Fist Of Hextor, “Trippy”

Oken Sun

A wizard and a priest seeking magical power and general enlightenment.

Ted Of Many Lives

A man with vague memories of previous lives. Has spent this life in a variety of roles, seeking his true self.



Mysterious man on a quest

Aven Ro

Necromancer, Possessor of a shard of the Necromancer King's soul


Bartender and owner at Boon's Beers

Dandro Figdarrow

Gnomish Merchant and Jack of All Trades

Dane Hilgo-Ekkertson

Head of the wealthy Hilgo family


Old druid and oracle

Deputy Willum

Sheriff Barley's Right Hand Man

Dodrina Daddson

town blacksmith


Rowdy dwarf elder

Figgit The Survivor

Goblin sorceror who survived his tribe's slaughter

Jace Hilgo

Innkeeper of “The Gorge”


Or Sven

Jib Tokkin

Tanner, town fool

Ken Daddson

Crotchety old farmer


Elven hunter and ranger

Mayor Hugo Smithy

Mayor of Ekkert's Gorge

"Old Man" Higgins

Old Man who knows everything

Oswald Grimm

Lowly Priest of Zakath

Revered Brother Dannick Ross

Lowly small town priest


Eldest son of Farmer Egan

Sheriff Barley

Sheriff of Ekkert's Gorge

Sir Able Piedland

Rescued Knight in Distress

Sister Debra Smithy

Young priestess of Quolen


Dwarven barmaid at Boon's

Thanamil Hilgo Ekkertson

Elven employee of the Hilgos

Velt Hilgo

Owner of Hilgo And Sons Market

Wigs Figdarrow

Wife of Dandro Figdarrow

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