Venturing out for adventure from Ekkert's Gorge

Adventure Sessions

16 May 2014
Stranger On The Winds

After taking care of business in town, the party went to sleep, only to be interrupted by the windows breaking in their room at the Inn. Three vulture-shaped creature that seemed to be made of clouds and smoke swooped in to the room and started rooting through the party’s gear. Enraged that someone was messing with their stuff, the party beat down the misty creatures, which dispersed in to nothing.

26 JAN 2014
Tunnels and Bugs

Having descended into the bowels of an abandoned fortress to investigate the source of livestock mutliations, our Heroes (Avry, Casius Kilren, Oken Sunn, Ted of Many Lives) fought series of mishapen skeletons and goblins. Determined to catch the fleeing Necromancer, they cautiously approached the lower level.

24 NOV 2013
Exploding Sheep

Avry, Casius Kilren, Oken Sunn and Ted of Many Lives predictably meet up in a taven in Ekkert’s Gorge known as Boon’s Beers (Briefly meeting Dorfin and Ken Daddson)

They hear rumors of strange happenings in the farms to the south involving exploding sheep and missing bones. The town sheriff, Sheriff Barley confirms the rumors and asks the party to go investigate.

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