Venturing out for adventure from Ekkert's Gorge

Welcome to Ekkert's Gorge

New forms of evil have sprung up around the small town of Ekkert's Gorge in the human kingdom of Belfiad. Our heroes must work to fight it Character Quick Reference

Avry A woman an axe and a finger of flame
Casius Kilren A Fist of Hextor sent to convince Ekkert's Gorge of its need for Hextor's protection
Oken Sunn A man in search of magic and power of all types
Ted A man who speaks in strange words and seeks “experience” above all else.

The world of Tirotha

Gods and Religion

Ekkert's Gorge - A small town overlooking a river on the border of Belfiad and the goblin lands. In the Duchy of Tirone.

Belfiad - The largest and most powerful human Kingdom in Tirotha, divided into 7 duchies. Tirone - The Southeastern Duchy, surrounded to the South by the lands of the Weslien Elves, to the north by the Dwarven Kingdoms and to the east by the goblin lands. Order of the Imperial Falcon - An order of knights, sworn to the King, living on lands entirely surrounded by the Duchy of Tirone. The Free City of Tirone Independent of the duchy that shares its name and governed by a Lord Mayor in the name of the King, this wealthy city has been the source of much jealousy in Duke Arman of Tirone.

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